Sun, 25 Jul, 2010

Mereth Kahn in the ruins

Estiva 4, 230 AC

There he was, Mereth Kahn the architect and nouergist, posing for publicity in the ruins of earthquake-stricken Eridu. He came there on his own, attaching himself to the Surakosan relief team, and performed heroically, using his powers to free people who were trapped in debris. But he also has great ambitions for Eridu. The ruined city, which was built with hardly any earthquake resistance, will need to be rebuilt. He intends to be chosen to do as much rebuilding as he can, making his mark as the premier architect of a new Eridu risen from the old ruins.

The last time a Nouergist was an architect, it was the famous Apsou-ari, who became the ruler of Eridu from 140 to 175 AC. The three green crystal buildings at Independence Plaza here in Surakosai are designed by Apsou-Ari. She is probably the greatest female nouergist that has yet appeared on New Earth, and she was Enlil's teacher. Mereth was Enlil's student, in a direct nouergic lineage from Apsou. Unlike Apsou, who knew she wanted to rule Eridu since her youth, Mereth has said he has no political ambitions. He just wants to design and build. He sees Eridu as the perfect place to start over, this time using not only effective modern earthquake resistance but nouergic elements.

He also envisions an Eridu that would supply some of its own power through the use of solar roofs, bio-recycling, and illuminating gas, rather than the oil which is so abundant but so dangerous, or the nuclear power which failed so badly during the earthquake. Everyone who visits Eridu, or wants to move back there and rebuild, knows that a broken nuclear power plant sits on the outskirts of the city, held together only by a nouergic working. Should that fail and release its load of radioactive debris, nothing will help Eridu, not even an ambitious nouergist.

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