Thu, 19 Mar, 2009

Architecture of Mereth Kahn 10

Lupercal 30, 228 AC

Documentary and interview elements produced by The Architectural Media Collective of Surakosai.

Almost all the construction of the Theophoric Institute was done by Keilian companies and workers.

The "Keilian" designs of Mereth elicited quite a lot of negative remarks from architectural critics outside of Surakosai. They expected Mereth to be uncompromisingly modern or even experimental in his designs for an esoteric Institute. But they were unaware of the politics of Surakosai, in which the conservatism of Keilian culture is balanced against a more cosmopolitan, ethnically mixed urban population. The Keilians are always wary of any intrusions or condescension; they live not by commercialism or science, but by a sense of "honor" and respect. Their culture must be respected, or one risks alienating them and losing their friendship and support. Both Mereth and the director of the Institute are Khemaru, foreigners in a Keilian land. Tanheu the director, to his great credit, worked tirelessly to ease issues of cultural conflict.

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Sun, 15 Mar, 2009

Architecture of Mereth Kahn 9

Lupercal 24, 228 AC

Documentary and interview elements produced by The Architectural Media Collective of Surakosai.

Once the plan for the new Institute had been approved, the two master theophores Enlil and Mereth worked to prepare the grounds for building. Not only was there a major amount of conventional earth-moving and some blasting and demolition, but the Nouergists themselves used high energy earth-sculpting programs to create just the landforms they needed to build Mereth's campus complex.

Enlil started the procedure, and Mereth joined him in the work.

During this phase of the operation, there was quite a lot of disruption around the site, located in an affluent hillside area above the city of Surakosai. Nouergic operations of this magnitude emit electromagnetic pulses similar to strong bursts of lightning, and there were many power failures in the locality due to Enlil's and Mereth's work.

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