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The Faravahar, or Fravashi, was the symbol of the holy light of Glory (khvarenah) surrounding ancient Persian kings, heroes, and saints. It is found on ancient Persian monuments. Some Zoroastrians also think it signifies the glorified human soul. The faravahar is now used as the symbol of the Zoroastrian faith. Click on the symbol to see an informative article about its origins.


The ancient Iranian religion of fire, light, and Wisdom still lives today. This is the first monotheistic religion, founded by the Prophet Zarathushtra over 3000 years ago. It has had a profound influence on Judaism, Christianity, and Western culture.

Introduction to Zoroastrianism: Please read this first. It has link-words to essays on various Zoroastrian topics.


Essays on Zoroastrian topics. All essays ©right; Hannah M.G. Shapero.

Artistic interpretations of the Seven Amesha Spentas. Paintings by Hannah M.G. Shapero.

NEW! Icon of Zarathustra, Founder of Zoroastrianism. Painting by Hannah M.G. Shapero.

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