Thu, 19 Feb, 2009

Architecture of Mereth Kahn 8

Lupercal 1, 228 AC

Documentary and interview elements produced by The Architectural Media Collective of Surakosai.

When Mereth and his architectural assistants back in Khemi had a suitable plan for the new Institute campus, he presented the plans to the Institute's leadership and staff.

In this image, the people are, from left to right: Kaklian, the director of buildings and grounds maintenance; Isur Kuklian, theophore in training, Enlil, and Loma Nalla, an administrator.

More than one person who was at the Institute at that time recall that Enlil enthusiastically supported Mereth's plan, even though it was far more expensive than the plan put forth by Tanheu and his own Keilian designers and advisors. The politics of the whole matter were complex, involving rivalries not only between individuals but between ethnic groups. In the end, Enlil and Mereth won out, though as you will see, a number of the elements of the Keilian plan ended up being incorporated into the final design.

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Sat, 14 Feb, 2009

Architecture of Mereth Kahn

Eridan 25, 228 AC

Documentary and interview elements produced by The Architectural Media Collective of Surakosai.

Mereth was granted a temporary visa to work outside of Khemi at Surakosai. Khemaru law ordinarily forbids a Khemaru theophore from working outside the country. Enlil's influence was definitely a factor.
The earthquake of 215 had so damaged the old Theophoric Institute building that much of it was unusable. Enlil and a consortium of supporters had been raising money for a new campus for many years, and with a grant of land, the time had finally come to rebuild in a new and prominent place.

Tanheu, the acting director and another Khemaru theophore who lived in exile, promoted a more conservative plan based on the local Keilian culture. There was some conflict between the vision and style of the two planners, even though both of them were Enlil's students.

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Tue, 10 Feb, 2009

Architecture of Mereth Kahn

Eridan 21, 228 AC

Documentary and interview elements produced by The Architectural Media Collective of Surakosai.

Enlil is unforgettable. He was a rebel against his aristocratic background, a wanderer, adventurer, and mystic, who ended up founding the modern Theophoric Institute at Surakosai. In his long life he did an astonishing variety of things. He was a professor of the dangerous subject of ancient history, and he was a movie player and actor. He was a diplomat and, when called upon, a wielder of devastating weapons of war. He had his hand in politics from one shore of the Middle Sea to another, but lived a reclusive life in a rustic garden. He was a devotee of an ancient religion that had been dead for twenty thousand years. And he was, until his disciple and successor changed the basis of theophorica from art to science, the greatest Theophore that has yet appeared on New Earth. He was also fascinated with volcanoes and geology, working with scientists to defend against the destructive forces of nature. Enlil, in his old age, very appropriately perished on the high edge of the crater of Mount Aitna, when a sudden volcanic blast vaporized him.

He was famous for his bright orange aura, which glowed when he worked with high energies. In Trinacria (known to us as Sicily), where he had his homes, there are many memorials to him as well as a wide variety of souvenirs. Some people say they have seen him in dreams and visions, as if he were still alive in spirit.

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Wed, 04 Feb, 2009

Architecture of Mereth Kahn 5

Eridan 15, 228 AC

Documentary and interview elements produced by The Architectural Media Collective of Surakosai.

The Minyar institute is located in a middle-sized industrial city, Tireina. Its training for nouetics (psychics) and nouergists (techno-mages) is directed at those industries where nouergic components are used. The tower, reminiscent of an airport control tower, is used in training operations where a long-distance line of sight is required. It also is used in communications. This was the last building Mereth Kahn designed before he received the commission for the much larger Theophoric Institute of Surakosai.

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