Wed, 31 Mar, 2010

Excerpts from a manifesto of the Path of Beauty and Order political party

Ersta 11, 230

Contemplate the Old Worlds, remember, Khemaru kinfolk! We are regaining our memory of greatness in the lesser lands of this New Earth. Here on this undeveloped, primitive planet, we are in danger of losing our best qualities. Our culture is being diluted and lessened by contact with uneducated, crude intruders, even if they are fellow Noantri. We must pay attention to what is important: our heritage. The threat increases just as we are finally re-discovering and deciphering the obscure recordings that came through the Great Gateway and which now reside in our library-temple at Chrysopolis.

Remember, Khemaru of all echelons! Remember, Walaku at their texts, Metaku at their business, Hunaku with their military skill, Shedaku with their artisanship and labor. Remember that in the Old World we were the lords of Lanka, and our cities were fine and clean and orderly and productive. And before Lanka, we were the first survivors of the Cataclysm to achieve civilization and technology again. In all things, we are the holders of the rational way, the solvers of problems, and the keepers of the true balance and the right composition, elegance and rightness. We are the only people of New Earth to be aware of our ecological environment. While they waste energy, we generate it. We never forgot what it was to be a source of power. And this power comes through knowledge, above all.

We are Nebekh Helwan wa Menassut, the Path of Beauty and Order, and we raise the semiotikon of the old Empire, the golden lion of sunlight and wisdom on the black Earth. Let the thinkers and the engineers and the artisans and the travelers return to the true way of Khemi. Cast aside the delusions and the glamor of disorder, and together we will build a civilization to be admired, here on the empty shores of Noantri New Earth.

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Sat, 27 Mar, 2010

Interview with Tanheu

Ersta 7, AC 230

We are glad to present part of an interview our correspondent "Niruman" obtained with the director of the Theophoric Institute at Surakosai. We are still rather amazed that he granted us the time and access, given that we are not an "official" publication. Here's some of what he had to say. We'll publish more of it later.

The nouergist Tanheu Afboureh-Souteth turns 60 later this year. He continues to serve as the director of the Nouergic Institute of Surakosai, and he has also given lectures in physics at the new Institute of Advanced Studies which has just opened in the seaside town of Eloro, some kilometers south of Surakosai.

He is still doing research, investigating nouergic aspects of cosmology and dark energy, and recently went on a geographic exploration mission to the southern continent of Wairuna. Here are some excerpts from an interview we did with him at the Institute.

Niruman: Despite the demands of your work at the Institute, you gave a series of lectures at the new learning center at Eloro. Are you still active in scientific research as well?

Tanheu: I'm currently working with a team at the Mount St. Elias telescope, observing supernovae and gamma-ray bursts coming from outside our galaxy - and some remnants in our galaxy as well. My input deals with the possibility of nouergic components in what we observe. A big interstellar Gateway can produce a beam of high-energy plasma which, for a short time, can simulate a neutron star or pulsar emission.

Niruman: So if you saw one of these which looked right, you might have evidence that there is nouergy in other places than our own Galaxy?

Tanheu: There will always be some ambiguity in that kind of observation, but what we are looking for is fundamental: is nouergy common in this universe, or is it rare or perhaps occurring only in this Galaxy? Are we unique, or is there someone else like us out there?

Niruman: The Theophoric Institute of Surakosai has become one of the most influential of all such Institutes in New Earth, just in the last ten years. Do you see any change in your Institute's purpose and mission?

Tanheu: We will always have our specialized training programs, but one of our important projects now is to prepare for a nouergic response to a natural disaster, such as earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, or destructive storms. A group of trained nouergists and nouetists can be uniquely useful in an emergency. It is inevitable, given our geologically active landscape, that we will be needed for rescue and relief operations sooner or later.

Niruman: Regarding the developments in Khemaru politics, with the coming to power of the "Path of Beauty and Order:" how do you as an overseas Khemaru view this change in your homeland? There are a lot of Khemaru in Surakosai.

Tanheu: I'm watching this very closely. They seem to favor scientific research and the arts, but I'm reserving judgement on their political agenda. One has to remember that I am no longer a citizen of Khemi. I have taken the contract to be a citizen of Surakosai, which has its own good share of beauty and order. That's where I belong.

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Thu, 25 Mar, 2010

Happy New Year, Noantri New Earth

Ersta 5, 230

Welcome spring and the New Year 230 A.C. (After the Crossing) to our planet, Noantri New Earth! And we now have returned to this chronicle after almost a year's absence. This textpath on the sub-Datawell of Pyracantha has been empty for many months, due to source confusion and a couple of changes of editors, but now we have a more stable information feed and can return to bringing you voices and images from Noantri World.

We are still based in Surakosai, but we have plenty of connections with other places so we will be able to bring you interesting material from all over the world. Unlike the previous management, though, our sources are not always "official." We accept texts from non-professionals, as long as their language is readable. We can feature words or pictures from known makers as well, as long as they give permission. Some of our sources go by their own names, while others, especially if they are writing about something controversial, will be using pseudonyms.

We do have some connection with the Nouergic Institute at Surakosai, but we're not based there, nor are we part of their Publications Division. The "we" responsible for these words is not Novania, their spokeswoman. Nor are "we" Anthimia, her predecessor. Anthimia is now editor of "The View from Surakosai," (or in Keilian, "Utgard Surakonta"), and we might share some of the articles from the View. In fact "We" are a collective in proper Noantri style, sharing our duties and merging our public identity into one local mind-network. You will find our introduction, notes, and comments as necessary when we present our texts and images.

So, here we are again, and I hope that you'll make the connection and keep returning for more visits to our renewed publication.

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