Mon, 24 Mar, 2008

How Retained Effects work

By Liri Ensak, publicist for the Nouergic Institute of Rhakoteh
Anthimia month, 228 A.C.

Have you ever wondered how your talismans work? Everyone has them, and we all take them for granted. They protect us from nouetic intrusion, and they protect us from projecting emotions and thoughts into the public thoughtworld. They can safely enhance our moods or calm our anxieties. But what exactly are they? What's really going on in that pendant or ring or pin or other ornamental device that you put on every day? (Here are a few, from my own collection.)

Outwardly, it's a crystal, a prepared stone, or a piece of pure metal. This looks good, but there's more to it than looks. Just like batteries carry a charge of electrical energy, talismans carry a "charge" of nouergic energy. The energy is put there by a trained nouetic or even a nouergist who knows just what to put there and how much to load. Sometimes we are even able to make our own talismans, if we have enough gift and a bit of training, but the professionally made ones almost always work better and last longer.

The technical term for what's going on here is a retained effect. Professional noueticists commonly abbreviate this to just the acronym "RE." Retained effects are not only used personally. They are everywhere in our society, helping things work well and protecting our banks, our military, our media, and just about any other thing you could think of from nouetic wrongdoing. For instance, data-stores are protected by strong retained effects so that private information cannot be stolen by nouetic intruders.

But how do they work exactly? Nouetic energy is not like any other energy in our universe, because it really isn't always in our universe. The famous Khemaru physicist Tanheu Afboureh Souteth (who is currently the director of the Nouergic Institute of Surakosai), was the first scientist in our current era-cycle to explain how nouetic energy interacts with our own universe's matter and energies. Later scientists, using his re-discoveries, unlocked the secrets of how nouetic energies are captured, at least for a limited time, in ordinary matter.

Nouetic and nouergic energies are carried by entities (or, roughly, particles), called deiknions. Deiknions are a class of particles rather than just one type, and there are lots of different kinds of deiknions. The important thing about these exotic subatomic particles is that they can move between different universes. Nouetic energy is not "native" to our universe. It takes deiknions to move it into our world so we can use it. These exotic particles are able to be "captured" in certain substances, especially things which have a dense and very regular atomic structure, such as crystals and pure metals. That's why the most expensive and powerful talismans (or commercial/industrial retained effects) use things like diamonds or pieces of superfine steel. The more disorganized the atomic structure of a substance, the less nouergic energy it can hold and the less time it takes to lose its charge.

Industrial nouergists, who can work with high energies, are trained to create and re-charge these devices. There is no end to the uses of retained effects. Not only can they protect, but they will predictably and regularly do work which a nouergist would otherwise have to personally do again and again, at least until the effect runs down and has to be re-charged. So tomorrow when you put on your talismans, remember that you are wearing something which is not just good-looking and useful, but is part of two universes.

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Fri, 07 Mar, 2008

The Awesome Blossom

By Monarda Tisan, writer for GardenGyal
Noantri Date: Lupercal 17

The most talked-about exhibit at the recent Larsa Garden Show was the legendary Algonar Blue Poppy. All attempts to grow this plant on New Earth have failed, until now. The seeds were brought over by settlers from the Algonar community, which was based in a chilly, damp region of that world whose skies were almost always filtered by clouds. Even though growers have tried to find places in our settled world that match those conditions, they've had no success trying to grow the poppy. Finally, right there in Larsa, a team of growers led by botanist Ardvi Nagopian managed to bring a set of Algonar Poppy plants to mature bloom.

The atmosphere on Earth was slightly different from that of Algonar, explained Nagopian. Her group created not only a climate-controlled habitat but an airtight one, in which they duplicated the original mixture of gases from the old world's air. The seeds themselves had been held in a vault for more than two hundred years! The scientist/gardeners also added in some preserved Algonar soil samples from that same vault, so that "friendly" bacteria would be present. And in this carefully maintained cradle, the Blue Poppy not only sprouted but bloomed.

According to the legends, the Blue Poppy's blooms and seeds have psychoactive and possibly nouetic qualities. Even the sight of the blue blossoms seems to cause a trance-like state. The plant, in its crystal-clear movable enclosure, was always surrounded by a silent crowd of admirers. According to Nagopian, this crop will yield a new generation of seeds and samples, and it's possible that with a bit of genetic engineering, the Blue Poppy could grow naturally in our own world. But right now this is the first time that a living Algonar Blue Poppy has been seen by anyone here on New Earth.

Here's Ardvi Nagopian inside the enclosure with her treasure.

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