Welcome to Pyracantha Studios!

I am Hannah Michael Gale Shapero, also known as "Pyracantha," a professional artist living in the Washington, DC area. I have done lots of different kinds of art, especially science fiction, fantasy, and architecture. I'm trained as an architectural artist and can do architectural renderings, which are pictures of buildings which are not yet built. I can create a picture of what a building is going to look like, just from the blueprints. I also do portraits of people and animals.

Once upon a time, I was an academic. I studied Classics (Greek and Latin) at Brandeis and Harvard. I am still very much influenced by Classical and Byzantine culture. I left academia in 1980 and a few years later became a professional artist and illustrator, as I continue to be even now.

I usually dress in black, orange and, blue, and am very fond of things that glow in the dark.

I make fine art, graphic design, signs, and illustration. Please enjoy your visit!

About Pyracantha

Pyracantha ('fire-thorn') is a common landscaping shrub with bright orange berries.