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Tue, 19 May, 2009

Fragments of an Alternate Universe

This is a new painting in my abstract space series. Its title is "Fragments of an Alternate Universe," and it is acrylic on primed Masonite, 12" x 16". It is an experiment in using bright yellow with dark blue and black. The idea here is that the dark blue, light blue, and black as well as the brown areas are all fragments of another universe, which can only be seen against the background of the bright yellow which would represent an energy field or the surface of a star or some other exotic physics phenomenon. There may be other universes, but they may be completely unreachable. In my concept, there is a connection, but the information about the other universe comes to the experimenter or viewer only in fragments, where all times of day and night, as well as landforms, atmosphere, and starry sky, are visible at the same time.

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Fri, 08 May, 2009


This is the companion picture to "X Cubed." It's another mathematically inspired artwork. It shows two intersecting graphs, one red and one blue. When equations ask for "less than" or "more than" a targeted number, they are called "inequalities" and are graphed in regions rather than lines or curves. If you have more than one in a problem, the inequalities intersect in the region that shows solutions to both of them. That is what is happening here (with some artistic license). The purple areas show solutions that fulfill both the red inequality and the blue inequality. The graph grids are also bent and twisted by strong gravitational fields. There must be some heavy mass around here somewhere. Though this picture shows intersections of red and blue regions, I intend no political meaning.
Painting is in acrylic and acrylic marker on black illustration board, 9" x 12".

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