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Thu, 09 Apr, 2009

X Cubed

Finally, a painting from me in "traditional" media. That is, acrylic on illustration board. Acrylic isn't really "traditional," as it is a modern paint medium, but it's actual paint rather than digital imaging, which is the traditional part. I am back in the studio with the water and the brushes, making a series of my characteristic abstract mathematical space paintings for a convention (Balticon) next month. I also want to build up a stock of these so that I can get a gallery show.

"X Cubed" is based on the graph of the basic cubic function y = x3. This graph, on the Cartesian grid, soars up from negative infinity, makes a whiplash turn on the X-axis, and then continues soaring up to positive infinity. (If you don't do anything else with the function, that is.) My Cartesian graph, done in white, also divides the picture into four quadrants, each of which has something mathematical going on in it. The brown cube floating in the upper left has another graph on it, showing a trigonometric cubic function of y = sin3x. This makes a wobbly wavy version of the usual up-and-down sine wave. I got these graph forms from a graphing calculator application on my computer.

The painting is done in acrylic gouache, which has a nice flat non-shiny surface and covers the background real well. White lines were put in using acrylic pen markers. "X Cubed" is 9" x 12".

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