About the Author

I am Hannah Michael Gale Shapero, also known as "Pyracantha," a professional artist living in the Washington, DC area. I have done lots of different kinds of art, especially science fiction, fantasy, and architecture. I'm trained as an architectural artist and can do architectural renderings, which are pictures of buildings which are not yet built. I can create a picture of what a building is going to look like, just from the blueprints. I also do portraits of people and animals. Currently I'm employed as a sign designer for my local Trader Joe's. This is a nationwide chain of gourmet grocery stores where each store has its own crew of signmakers to do all the signage, thus making each store unique. I also do signs for my local Starbucks Coffee, where they pay me in coffee. I am a middle-aged Arty Person, usually dressing in black and orange, and am very fond of things that glow in the dark.

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